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“You Are On Our Side” February 23, 2010

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Happy Tuesday, y’all!

As promised, here are the chords to the 2nd most requested song via Twitter, “On Our Side” — I’m posting the 2nd most requested because although the most requested was “For My Love”, I can’t really explain it on here. Is that sad? Yes, yes it is. But it’s true. I’m speaking the truth in love to you, friend. Anyway. It’s in an alternate tuning that’s super simple and fun to play around with, but as far as the chords go, it would be impossible to make super clear in black and white. So … I’m gonna post a video teaching it. Cool? I think I might be able to get around to it this week, but just in case mounting housework/small group/life/getting ready for some shows in Florida this weekend monopolize my time, I will be sure to post it Sunday PM- Monday AM.

All that said, here is “On Our Side”! Thank you:

@JTriche, @ren205, @Teradawn, @true_narnianxx, @beth089, @abbycoyle, @deidre_price, @AnnaBreeT, @kris413, @HaleyJean29, @rickygarzon, @JordanHolcomb, and @matthiasroberts for requesting it!

Intro: C – Am – C – Am   (Capo 6th fret on the record, I’m pretty sure. Or 5.)

C     Am            C             Am

The orphan clings to your hand

F                                                          C          Am

Singing the song of how he was found

C     Am      C   Am     F                                                 C     Am     C   Am

The widow rejoices for her oppressors are silenced now


F                                                 Am

You sit at the table with the wounded and the poor

F                                                           Am                   G

You laugh and share stories with the thief and the whore

F                                                  Am

And when You could just be silent and leave us here to die

G                                  Am

Still, You sent Your Son for us

F            G          C

You are on our side

(intro progression)

C        Am          C            Am

The runaway falls at Your feet

F                      Fm                             C    Am

You are what he has searched for

C       Am      C      Am                F                               Fm                        C   Am

The rich man is broken when he stands beneath a sky full of stars


For the vocal/bridgy thing:

F – Am – C – G

…any questions?

Have a lovely rest of your day! -Beth


34 Responses to ““You Are On Our Side””

  1. Andrew Raia Says:

    SWEET, thank you. Can’t wait for the video.

  2. Rachael Says:

    Wow, Beth, this is so awesome! I’m gonna get started right away:) But, be ready, because I’m going to have some questions (that’s the novice in me speaking!). Anyway, thanks so much!
    Yours in Christ,

  3. Paula Says:

    awesome! who knew i could play your songs???? amazing!! God Bless!!!

  4. Beautiful song. Thank you for sharing, Beth!

  5. Abby Coyle Says:

    This song has touched my life in so many ways! Thank you for taking requests for chords. I’m excited to give it a try.

  6. Andrew I Says:

    I think I missed out on the voting, but this definitely would still have been my choice. Much Thanks for sharing that and God Bless.

  7. Patrice Pope Says:

    Yay!!!! I am at work now and can’t wait to get home to play this! 🙂 Thanks BD!!!

  8. Patrice Pope Says:

    YAY! I am at work now and am SUPER excited to get to my guitar and play this. Thanks BD!!!

    Patrice P.

  9. tom Says:

    this song is definitely my favorite song of yours… its genuine and passionate… something that a lot of people have a hard time with now-a-days… keep up the good work! your passion and genuine lyrics are inspiring

  10. Suzanne Says:

    Thank you, I can’t wait for the video, it’s very smart! 🙂

  11. Brianna Harlan Says:

    Thanks so much!I’ll use learning this song to help me get through this week. I love your music, it brings me closer to God.

  12. Allison Says:

    Thanks, Beth! See you in Tally this weekend =] So excited!!!

  13. Emily Woods Says:

    Thanks for posting that song! That’s gonna help me a lot! And my answer for the question if you shoud do “So Close” or “Get up and walk” next, I would do “So Close” – but thats just me :]


  14. Abby Swick Says:

    Thank you!! I’m excited to play this 🙂 I’ve tried to figure it out before from a you tube video of yours, but I could never quite get it.

  15. mark Sisco Says:

    I think I should take up playing now….wow

  16. Caroline Says:

    I know it’s a little late, but… can I request “The Way I Come to You”?

  17. mark Sisco Says:

    Hey Beth! while your making videos…..Hows about you hammer out “The Kingdom” soooo we can have something current to show my friends… pleaaase..

  18. Abby Swick Says:

    I have a question… Is there any way you can explain the picking pattern you use? Sorry to be difficult… I bet that’s hard to explain on here too.

  19. Blythe Says:

    I love this song. And thanks to your music I picked up the guitar. Still not great, but getting better 🙂

    Thank you for answering the call that God gave you 🙂


  20. Carly Klein Says:

    Thanks Beth! Post the chords for “Beautiful” soon! I can’t wait!

  21. jolie Says:

    Thanks for doing these! Although I don’t play the guitar, I may force my husband to learn these so I can sing with his playing 🙂

  22. mark sisco Says:

    Hey Beth next time your gonna wear a flower in your about a tweet pic…pleeeaasee! mark

  23. Mark Sisco Says:

    I tell you the truth my friend, I cant carry a tune in the shower, but if Beth is gonna start giving guitar lessons, Im on my way to the pawn shop! mark

  24. dawordsmith Says:

    Love it! I’m so stoked about this! I’ve been trying to just “figure it out” from the cd, but now I’ll be on point. Thanks!

  25. Thanks for writing about this. You’ve got a bunch of really good information here on your site. I am impressed! I try to keep a couple blogs moderately live myself but it is a struggle sometimes. You have done a very good job with this one. How on Earth do you do it?

  26. Ellie Says:

    Love love love this song! So happy that you posted the chords
    and can’t wait to see the video!

  27. Elizabeth Says:

    yay!! Thank you!! Could you also post the picking pattern?

  28. Smith Says:

    Hey Bethany,can you PLEASE make a video of yourself playing your song all i need on guiar? I want to learn it sooo bad, but a bunch of different sites are giving me different chords and stuff so it is confusing Lol…
    i would just really love it if you posted all i need chords
    thanks, love and hugs,

  29. Elizabeth Says:

    This so awesome! Thanks for posting this Beth! Is there anyway you can post the picking pattern as well?

  30. Andrea Says:

    I have no guitar-playing ability, but just want you to know this is probably my favorite song from you. I love it! It has really, really ministered to me many times. Thank you!

  31. stephanie Says:

    just wanted to let you know how much i love this song… i found you through a youtube video my friend posted, and found this one… bought it on itunes and been playing it over and over… gorgeous songwriting, and beautiful singing and playing, too… What a wonderful gift God has given you!

  32. Megan Says:

    Is there any way that you could post the chords for your version of “Clinging to the Cross”? I can’t find them anywhere, so this would be a huge help!

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