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Patient February 25, 2010

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Good morning friends.

I am enjoying this morning thoroughly… I do kind of wish I’d gotten up when my alarm first went off, but as my husband reminded me just now, this snooze-button season is soon coming to an end, so I might as well take advantage of it!

I had my normal routine today of: wake up, put socks on (the floors are SO cold in our house), go downstairs, make a cup of coffee, pour a bowl of cereal, sit at the bar and read the Word. I’ve been having trouble lately, though. Just… feeling distracted. Sitting at the bar, I can see the kitchen sink that is (usually) full of dirty dishes, I see the pile of un-dealt-with mail to my left, yadda yadda… so I moved into the study/guest room and tried to journal and read in there. No luck. I don’t know WHY it always takes me a while to remember that praying with my husband is an option– maybe because I’m really stubborn– so I went out to living room where he was reading/singing, and we had some time with the Lord together. Yes, I totally agree, it is vitally important to have consistent alone, one-on-one time with Jesus, but there is something different and undeniably powerful about coming together as a husband and wife seeking Him… when I am in the most overwhelming pit of emotions/discouragement/distractedness, Shane can say one sentence that, by the grace of God, sometimes lifts an “impossible” burden immediately.

At our church (The Oaks Fellowship in Red Oak – a-MAZING place, y’all) we have been going through a series called Close Encounters… talking through 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter. Since I grew up in a Christian home, I couldn’t even begin to think about how many times I’ve heard that chapter read on Sunday mornings, at weddings, blah blah blah… but for some wonderful reason, this past month it’s been moving and working past my familiarity and cutting deep into my heart. For the Close Encounters series, we would stand up together at the beginning of the sermon and read the chapter together as a congregation … and believe it or not, days and weeks later, a verse from that passage would pop into my head in a very timely way.

Who knew I had such issues with really loving? Β … yeah. : ) I mean, I KNEW, but the more my mind and heart started to wrap around the simple and massive statements that love is patient, love is kind, love is not envious or boastful. It doesn’t seek its own. It isn’t irritable or resentful. It doesn’t rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. WHOA. I will go ahead and be honest and say … I know I don’t live that. I know that when I love, it’s usually– sadly– about me.

I’m in a bad mood? It’s probably because I’m holding a grudge, feel self-conscious, care too much about what people think, or I am plain irritable.

I don’t feel loved? Most of the time, it’s because I expect love to be about me. I guess I have selective memory when it comes to “growing up in the church”, because I’m well aware of the story from the night of Jesus’ betrayal when He got on the dirty floor and humbly washed His cowardly disciples’ feet… and then, commanded us to do the same. Yeeeah… that must slip my mind a lot!

All of that to say, I’ve been having such a lovely start to the year, and it still is — but I also know that the Lord spoke to me in the first couple of weeks of January the word “humility” a LOT. That this year is going to be a leading into a season of figuring out what being poor in spirit really is. How to be POOR in the deepest places of me, so that, I can be fully satisfied in the riches I have in Him. Sounds awesome, right? .. but, the process isn’t so awesome. I know it’s GOOD, though. And so, love is the theme of this season of humbling for me. Not knowing how to love people well, asking Him for help in that. Ultimately, not knowing how to love Him well at all, and asking for even greater and more supernatural help for that.

Today? As my husband asked this morning in our living room, that he (and I) would be patient in our love. It’s the first thing listed in 1 Corinthians 13. To be patient. To wait. And wait. And then wait some more. In my distractedness, I’m going to aim for that and ask for that… to grow in patience that reflects His love, even in waiting on Him. To not be in a hurry for a result, or some gratification… but to be content in the waiting.

“…God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to us.” Romans 5:5

The Holocaust survivor/missionary Corrie Ten Boom quoted that verse a lot. It’s stuck with me ever since I read The Hiding Place again last year (have you ever read that book? I’m being serious… you need to. Go to Half Price or Amazon, and do yourself a favor. Powerful powerful story!) … He HAS poured His love into my heart through the Holy Spirit, Who HAS been given to me. Let’s cling to that together. His promises are very, very true. I want to walk in them!

Hope you are having a lovely Thursday. Shane’s leaving tomorrow morning for a show and I leave tomorrow afternoon for Florida for the weekend, so we are soaking up today, watching American Idol results tonight, and enjoying a virtually schedule-less day. I will be posting “For My Love” video soon! Keep checking in for it.

Love you guys, let’s keep pressing into Him together.



52 Responses to “Patient”

  1. Paula Says:

    i can tottaly relate to that Beth! When God is working on areas we dont want Him to touch is sooooo hard! But the result is beautiful!!
    Thanks for the word! I needed it today! =)
    God Bless!!!

  2. Sara Higley Says:

    I think my biggest problem is also the patience thing. God has taught and is still teaching me a lesson in humilty and patience. Almost one year ago, I was called into the children’s ministry at my church. I have two nephews who were constantly trying my patience. I wondered “why me God? You know I have no patience, especially for kids.” But here I am a year later, still teaching God’s word and I absolutely love doing it. I have learned so much about myself in this time and my kids have taught me so much about His love and how unwaivering that love is.

  3. Such true words! God has been doing some work in me in the light of love as well. Loving others even when they don’t give it or show it back is SO difficult for me and He has been convicting me of that so much lately. I love conditionally. “As long as you treat me well, I’ll love you…” or “If you call me every now and then, I’ll love you…” It’s such a warped view of love. We are to love others as He loved us, and I’m pretty sure He doesn’t just love us when we are worshipping Him or doing the right thing. He loves us even when we are slapping Him in the face with our sin and selfishness. Thanks again for your words. I needed to have them reinforced in my heart.


  4. caearl Says:

    Bethany, I feel like I really identify with a lot of what you shared…the restlessness during times in the Word, the emptiness in your love for others. It’s good to hear that others are battling the same things that I am! Thank you for your honesty.

    A pastor at my church just preached on Valentine’s Day through 1 John 4:7-12 (roughly), and it was so convicting. I am learning how unloving I am when left to myself, and that only in going deep in God’s love for me in Christ will I be able to show love to others…B/c, like you said, so often my love for others in tainted by sinful motivations! But to love them just b/c I’ve been so loved, even as an enemy of God….I want to rest in the promise of Rom. 5:5, too!!

    Great post…Bless your “schedule-less” day, and thanks for pointing us to Christ! PS–You should play in MN soon!

  5. Lizi Strauss Says:

    This is so good! So encouraging and something I really needed to hear! What you said about waiting on God and not being impatient, just what I needed. Thank you so much for sharing this! =)

  6. Bri Says:

    Loved all your thoughts! What is cool is that patience looks so different for each of us, yet we all struggle with it. It’s nice to know we’re not alone as we wait…and wait…and wait sometimes for the Lord to move or work or refine.

    Who do you like on American Idol? I think Simon’s right…it’s going to be a girl year. I like Lilly and Didi but also am intrigued by “Mamasocks.” πŸ™‚ Who do you think will get cut tonight?

  7. Mark Sisco Says:

    Thank-you Beth..todays entry echos so much of your songs.. thinking and worried about not being or living up to Gods standards..we all feel this… “Move Forward” “Great Big Mystery”…Be safe on your trip this week-end…
    PS SHANE! Coffee in bed is a given…. mark

  8. jd Says:

    Wow. I feel so spiritually fed after that. haha Keep on seeking Him girlie.

    He will reveal abundant fruits within you with:
    the seed of faith
    the roots of digging into the Word
    the trunk of community
    the rain of His love
    and the sunshine of joy

    Looking forward to the next one. Until then-
    much love and blessings!

  9. crsmith Says:

    Hi Bethany, First I have to say that I am a huge fan of yours and continually lead people to your music and messages. You are an encouragement just by the fact that at such a young age you are so talentedβ€”and choose to use that talent for praising the Lord.

    I hardly ever get on twitter, but today yours spoke to me, because right now I am having a terrible time being patient and waiting on God to let the pieces of my daughter’s life all fall neatly into place-NOW, lol! She moved to the LA area last summer and is working in video production. So far it’s only been freelance jobs and it’s not enough. There have been and continue to be amazing contacts and possibilities, but none have panned out the way we hope they will. She’s a very independent and determined young woman, and loving SoCal. She has a strong faith in God, and is involved in church, so she has faith He will let things fall into place as they should, when they should.

    As I try to daily find scripture and other resources or wisdom to help me in my waiting and lack of patience, things like your twitter are great reminders. I take great comfort in the scripture Jer 29:11-13. I know God loves my daughter and He has a plan for her, and it’s way better than what I can come up with. Her future is in His hands, so why do I worry? Being human makes putting His wisdom into practice difficult, we want to have control, and we don’t have it.

    I love watching the journey you are on, and I’m sure God is so proud of you! πŸ™‚

  10. Bethany,

    I’m so glad you’re blogging. I adore your music- I often listen to it on Pandora. Most of all, I love that your music and lyrics seek to lift up the name of Christ. Thank you.

    I blog about faith and life over at

    Hope you have a wonderful day!


  11. Hi Beth,
    Wow! there’s no doubt that God talks to us in many different ways. He has been talking to me over the last month about loving truly, and about really knowing what love is. So, I started a study on Cotinthians 13 on my own, and have been doing that this last weeks, and what you say is true, we don’t LIVE LOVE, not the way it really is.
    Wow! I can’t stop saying wow! God has spoken to me this morning while reading your new blog, there is no doubt that 1) It was totally Him, me wanting to start studying Corinthians 13, I confirmed that I heard his voice and obeyed; and 2) that He is telling us (His Church) to love the way He loves.
    God bless you and your husband and the new baby!
    Your sister in Christ,
    DanaΓ© (from Mexico City, Mexico)

  12. Brittany Says:

    That spoke to me so much! Thanks for speaking this out, I am refreshed after reading this and I feel exhorted. Your awesome girl,just tell the devil to shut up about you!

    Brittany ❀

  13. Kelley Says:

    So true! In college I spent a whole year studying the word “love”. God totally changed my heart on what my perception of love was (all about me and focusing on loving others the way i wanted their love in return) verse what it really means. Love is a complex word and it is awesome that He is working on your heart to reveal how great His love is and how powerful love is. One thing God taught me about love that year was that it is painful and requires a lot of us as people often fail, but He does remind us the greatest thing is to love Him and love others. Which makes me realize how important it is to understand that.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing and be open with us. So good to hear how God is working in His people.

  14. lordhereami Says:

    In my dorm room crying a little bit. Oh you have spoken to my heart. Even in Bible college I feel the same way. Thank you for this. Much needed.

  15. bethany g. Says:

    Romans 5:5 is such a powerful verse. His love has been poured into our hearts and yet I seem to have such a hard time showing that love to others! When it comes to loving well my pride definitely gets in the way. But this is something I can feel God has been chipping away at. The more I humble myself before Him the easier it is to love (well) and be loved.

    Thanks for this! It really got me thinking this morning.

  16. Bethany H Says:

    Humility & Love seen to be an on-going theme in my walk the past couple years. The lessons and seasons pass and overlap, but this one seems to be the underlying current. I loved your blog posts while you were engaged to Shane – and you wrote on about vulnerability that so deeply impacted me and still echoes in my mind. How the more vulnerable you were with him, the more you open yourself up to his love and loving him.

    I don’t know, sister… it’s still a foggy mystery to me, but I’m discovering that:
    Humility. Vulnerability. And the willing embrace of pain/sorrow for the sake of the one you love, counting it as nothing of consequence.
    These are entwined.
    And they are what it means to truly love.

    Another great book which will mess up your life is Amy Carmichael’s slim volume: “IF” – it’s all about Calvary Love and what it looks like. A mere 94 in-your-face pages with a gentle but firm challenge to be a vessel of Jesus’ love.

  17. Ana Carolina Says:

    Thanks for this post, Beth. I’m coming to a point in my life where I dont really want things to be about and to just be able to love people for who they are and not because what they can do for me. I can really be selfish.

    Thanks again. You are such an inspiration to me. I praise the Lord for your life. Hope you have a great time this weekend in Florida!

  18. Andrea Says:

    I just love that you are blogging!

  19. Melody Says:

    Can I just say how encouraging that is. Our church is memorizing chapter 13 and read it every Sunday morning. It is such a blessing. You asked if we had time to share a story of how to love better. Well I have time! Hah. I got engaged in October and have never been happier. But what I’ve come to find out is that this love is not just all about me and me being loved. I have to give of myself to my future husband and love him willingly and unselfishly. He’s taught me to embrace that love and never be selfish. It’s so hard to do! I’ve lived most of my life worried about what I would do. Now I have to factor him in. But God is gracious and merciful. He helps me every day and shows me how much He loves me and just how much I should love my husband. Thank you so much for that sweet post! πŸ™‚

  20. mark sisco Says:

    Beth hey been posting for 3 days now and not showing up …so I registered .. maybe this will help lol.
    So happy for you and Shane..
    Looking to get Shanes Avocado dip recipe… thanks
    PS Shane, Coffee in bed is a given for the prego…mark

  21. Ashley Says:

    Thank you for publishing this. I needed to read something like this more than you know. The Lord has been engraving patience and the whole love thing on my heart here lately and it tends to be a harder season, rather than an easier season for me. I just really needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing.

  22. FreedomWalker Says:

    Hi Beth!

    I have been in love with our wonderful Saviour since I was 15 years old. I grew up in an abusive home, knowing much heartache, and woundedness. The details are too bone-chilling to repeat…and I only share this to testify to God’s love. I placed later in foster care, and never really knew what family and love was. I only knew pain and despair. Because of all I had been through, all I knew how to cope was through drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, and self-mutilation until GOD. UNTIL GOD! He came into my life and swept me off of my feet, and my heart skipped a beat..and I was forever changed!! His love so dramatically changed me…that by the grace of God, I have been blessed to show that love even to the people whom from I endured abuse. His love through me, led them to know Him! Because of His great love and forgiveness, I was able to love and forgive all those who had hurt me, and subsequently led them to the Lord! I am a worshipper/songwriter…and FreedomWalker who continuously endeavors to love on Him and others the way He desires me to. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed! For greater love has no man but this; that he should lay down his life for his friends!
    Bless you!

  23. Hillary Says:

    I love hearing your heart on what God is teaching you about love! As for what I’ve been learning, well…
    About a month ago I found myself on my bedroom floor, in my journal, asking God to reveal Himself to me and draw me closer because I just hadn’t “felt it” in a while, and I “felt” like He was far. Although nothing about our faith can be based on feelings, sometimes you just want that sense of God’s presence, and that peace of feeling like He’s just wrapping you up in His arms (especially as a girl I think!) I NEVER expected what He would do to draw me closer. In the past few weeks the relationship that I was in ended, which caused a whirlwind of emotions and pain, and left me asking why God would give me such a blessing just to take it away, BUT through this time, God’s healing has drawn me so much closer in the area of trusting Him. As girls, our security can get so wrapped up in worldly loves, but our FIRST love is the ONLY one that can truly be secure. Although I already knew it, I’m definitely in a season of experiencing God loving me through allowing me to go through pain. Painful times are, I believe, blessings in disguise, because although they may not be what we want or ever expected, we are FORCED to fully rely on our Father and on HIS love. Where would we be if God didn’t put us in these positions to depend on Him sometimes? I know my heart often tries to wander from the ONE LOVE that is always patient and kind, never self-seeking, humble, etc… Thanks be to Jesus that He is constantly pouring out His love on our hearts through the Holy Spirit, knowing exactly what we need. Thank Jesus that His work was not finished at the point of our salvation, but that He continually draws our hearts to HIS love, that never fails.

  24. ekevents Says:

    Last night in the high school small group I lead, our lesson was focusing on conditional/unconditional love, knowing the difference, and we were reading from Hosea. It was so convicting! How often to I love ‘without conditions’ ?? Sadly, the answer is rarely. It is only when I am allowing the Spirit to love through me, while I am simply acting as a vessel, that my love can be unconditional. It is not an automatic action which I think is partly why it is so hard. You must be intentional to focus on the Spirit’s work and open your eyes to those around you in need of love (everyone!). It is so helpful to be reminded of the story of Hosea and the knowledge of the Lord’s radical passionate pursuing of me, and yet how often I stray. In 2:16 it talks about how we are to no longer call Him “my master” but “my husband”. So much deeper, intimate, full of grace, forgiveness, unconditional love, service, etc. It has been on my mind ever since last night!

  25. Allison Says:

    Thank you for this! I really needed it today as I have found myself particularly in a bad mood only as the result of being selfish and jealous in my love. You helped me realize that, so thank you. It is so hard to be patient to see what God is trying to do but I know he is faithful and knows what he’s doing. I pray for safe travels for you and Shane. See you Saturday!

  26. Ruth Chan Says:

    “Love as identity”
    I think something God has been showing me is how love is rooted in identity.

    Oftentimes, I wonder why it is such a struggle to “let love be genuine” (Rom. 12:9). How on earth can I do that? Does this mean I have to be loving? Does this mean I have to be honest and sincere? Does this mean I have to become a giving person? Does this mean I have to change not only what I do, but also why/how I do things –i.e., that I have to change my heart behind everything? It’s been taxing my heart, my joy, and my courage in a lot of ways, knowing how much I can’t be…

    But God has been so gracious.
    He’s reminded me that the call to love, at the heart of it, is not rooted in what we are commanded to do, what we are obligated to do, or what we are expected to do. Rather, loving is a matter of who we are.

    (He’s shown me that by His own example. Why does He love people? He loves because of who He is –that’s it!)

    So I am also called to love. As God reminds me of who I am in Him, my very being is transformed into His likeness. The new heart I have been given is what enables me to love. And as that heart is cultivated by His grace, so love also grows.

    Love is not based on ability, but identity. And in surrendering my identity to Him, so He enables me to love.

    Just random thoughts! Thanks for your post =)

  27. Danielle Says:

    Loving is really synonymous with serving. This is a lesson that marriage really requires us to learn. We just celebrated three years and this last year God has really broken us and has taught us a lot about what it means to love eachother. You might want to check out Paul David Tripp’s “What Did You Expect?” series. Amazing, kick-you-in-the-pants teaching!

  28. Amber Hansen Says:

    What a beautiful reminder. I’m awfully selfish too. I’m actually going through the book The Excellet Wife by Martha Peace with a group of married ladies, and boy has it been convicting…In a sense that I can’t love my husband the way I’m called to until I know how to love Jesus fully and completely. Thanks for your post. It was a good addition to my morning devotion πŸ™‚

  29. Nish Says:

    So thankful for this post, Bethany! Learning to love and be loved is such a transformational journey.

    But, I am human and will never love perfectly, no matter how much I try, or how much I am changed over the years. The only one who ever loved perfectly is our Christ and He is all I can cling to!

    My devotion to Him is sleepy at best, like his disciples in Gethsemane who can’t stay awake. I have heavy eyes too often in my love & obedience to the Lord. But, Christ’s devotion to his Father was perfect in His submission and love for God’s people.

    That’s how I’m learning about love this season. Out of obedience, submission and simple (yet not so simple!) clinging to Jesus.

    Thankful for you & your encouragement!

  30. Gina Says:

    I love the way you word everything. This is so true…I’ve noticed how irritable I get over the tiniest things. That is really not showing the love of Christ, but luckily, He reaches us to let us know what we need to work on. I’m also engaged like Melody above, and this is my second marriage. I want to love my future hubby like God intended and be the best wife I can. (and friend, etc.)
    Thanks for being so real and honest. πŸ™‚

  31. Melanie Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Bethany! God has really challenging me to evaluate the way I love other people. I realized I have been acting (and continue to act!) prideful and condemning of those around me. I have been asking the Lord for a humble heart, which is a scary prayer but one I know I need.

    My boyfriend and I are praying about getting married soon, and so the topic of love has taken on a whole new dimension for me. I have been so challenged by what it really means to love sacrificially, and realized just how much I have to learn!

    Thank you for your example and encouragement. I am so excited you’ve started a blog! Your music has touched my life in incredible ways since your first CD and I know God will bless you, and Shane, for your service to Him.

  32. jolie Says:

    I just took my first teaching job at a high school and I am learning so much about my love and patience (or more accurately speaking, my lack thereof). I feel like I am prematurely learning what it’s like to be the mom of a teen (or seventy teens), even though I WAS a teenager less than 3 years ago. I have learned what it’s like to be a parent and how frustrating it can be to love and pursue someone who doesn’t love and pursue you back and doesn’t care about you. Humbling! I have learned that there is so much room for me to grow in my patience- both with people and with my love for them. Praying for him to grow it in all of us!

  33. Jolie Says:

    Also, congratulations on your bebe. Such wonderful news πŸ™‚

  34. Chelle Says:

    Found your site via your sister, Kate. Clearly, great writing is a family trait πŸ™‚ I totally enjoyed this post, and having had my first child May 2, 2008, I have never learned so much about love. God is using her to teach me about the divine in some extraordinary ways, and on a daily basis. Be blessed, and for now Shane is right, hit that snooze button!

  35. melissa lynd Says:

    Beth! Thanks so much for this post!
    It was really encouraging to hear! I loved it! It was something I really needed to hear. Paitence has been a reocurring theme in my life this year. God is teaching me a lot about love and humility and paitence. This past summer I was diagnosed with Celiac diease among other allergies and it has been incredibly frustrating and physically and emotionally draining. However, God has been teaching me that all things are for His glory and He knows what he’s doing! Which is so humbling to know that I am NOT in control. Above all, he’s been showing me paitence with myself with this… allowing myself to be guided by Him through each day, with it’s difficulties. Celiac can have varying degree’s and I have been diagnosed with Severe celiac… and if I don’t adhere to a strict lifestyle now I can die from it. So its been interesting.

    I wanted to share a verse that has been helpful through this all.

    Jeremiah 17:7-8
    “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord. For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, which spreads out its roots by the river, and will not fear when heat comes; but its leaf will be gree, and will not be anxious in the year of drought, nor will cease from yeilding fruit.”

    Thanks again for your posts and your encouraing music that brings a smile to my face each and everyday that I listen to it! It’s my ‘getting ready’ music. every morning .. you know the drill. Ths usuaul… wake up, shower, dress, eat… etc.. You’re in the background lol.

    – Melissa Lynd

  36. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Beth! I’ve loved following you on twitter and am now SO glad you are blogging. Looking forward to reading more about this season of your life.

  37. Larissa Says:

    I, like Jolie, have taken my first teaching job with middle school students in an urban area. It’s sort of strange though, I find it easy to love the kids because I am at some level able to see the big picture of their lives, and understanding that middle school is a crazy time. I have a lot of sympathy for middle schoolers because it is such a horrible stage of life. However, those that I find the hardest to love sometimes are the other teachers. I have this high expectation of them that they should be loving and caring people who are in the profession for the right reason. I tend to see myself as above them and I don’t have grace or patience for them and their actions. I forget often that I am a sinner just like them, and I shouldn’t be putting myself above them. I learned a lot about loving people in college, roommates, classmates, co-workers in the dorms, but I didn’t really think I would struggle so much in the work world. I am learning to love inspite of my frustrations and feelings towards these co-workers and to see them also as broken as I am. Even if I don’t feel that they deserve love from me, I have to remember that I don’t deserve God’s love either. I have to pray for patience, grace, and love everyday before walking into school.

  38. Sonya M Says:

    Oh Beth this was so wonderful to hear! I have been studying thus for awhile now. I am getting married in June of this year so this has been why we are talking about!

    Thank you so much for going into it deeper!

  39. Jessica Says:


    Thanks for the encouraging post!! Love is such a great thing. our pastor actually taught on this last week. It was amazing!! He taught from John 13:34-35. It was awesome. He is starting a new series on being together. He talked about how LOVE is top priority and it gives us our indenity and he gave examples of verses where love is in the bible. and how is so important to our life and our relationship with him and for the people around us.

    So yes LOVE is amazing!!

    Blessings Beth!!

    How’s baby Lucy doing?? can you feel her moving yet??



  40. Catherine Says:

    I love this post! Thank you for being so open and honest about what the Lord is teaching you. He’s so good in the way that He guides and teaches us in His perfect timing. These things are wonderful to work through not only for your marriage and other relationships, but also as you await the arrival of your little one. πŸ™‚

    Motherhood has taught me so much about love, patience, and humility (and my serious shortcomings in those areas!). Thankfully when the Lord reveals, He is also patiently willing to refine us. I love that He would use my children to teach me more about Him and who I am in Him.

    Well, I’m rambling now (preggo brain)! But thank you for encouraging me today. I needed those verses. πŸ™‚

  41. Tara Says:

    Nuh uh!! I am in the middle of The Hiding Place. My husband just finished it and now it’s my turn so we can rent the movie from Netflix – ha!

  42. Evelyn Shu Says:

    Hi Beth!

    Well, you asked for our stories, so here’s one of mine:

    One time, a really good friend of mine got into a heated discussion, in which plainly, I started to get really pissed off. I’d had enough and was literally about to open my mouth to tell her to “shut up” or something, when I felt the Lord swoop right in and tell me, “Love is patient, love is kind.” My heart towards my friend immediately changed and I calmed down. It’s cool when God immediately convicts you of something and helps you stop from doing something stupid, huh? πŸ™‚

    1 Cor. 13, was a clump of verses (yes, a clump πŸ˜‰ that God had me focus on a few years ago, too…trying to get me to learn about loving people selflessly, instead of myself.



  43. Evelyn Shu Says:

    uhhhh i just realized I left out the word “I.” My friend and *I* got into a heated discussion…she didn’t get into one with herself. Hahaha! πŸ˜€

  44. Dear sister,

    I deeply appreciate your honesty and humility. Many things you shared I’d like to comment on, but I will proceed with just a few:
    “(1 Cor 13) this past month it’s been moving and working past my familiarity and cutting deep into my heart.”
    I understand and have experienced this with different scriptures. God’s Word is supernatural! It is mysterious how we can read a scripture thousands of times, then BAM!! Something happens, our world jerks out of control, then God’s Spirit, in his perfect timing, magically reveals to us a deeper meaning to that same scripture!!! We read it with “new” eyes, as if we had never read it before. Then the wisdom from it allows us to KNOW how to respond to the challenge. So refreshing!!! Love it!! Only God’s Word can hold such power – it truly is “living and active”.
    You brought up a very challenging point about patience. Timely too, as my wife and I had difficulty communicating today. Trust me, I know I am wrong a lot, but this was one of the “few” times she was in the wrong – and I wanted her to see it immediately – and she just didn’t. But, being content as God reveals it to her needs to be my attitude.
    I love this line you shared about 1 Cor 13: “simple and massive statements”
    This is where God’s Spirit has to aid me in my shortcomings. I can’t love this way; but if I am connected with God, and I am BEGGING HIM to SATURATE my HEART and MIND with His SPIRIT – then, “somehow” I am able love this way. But, whooo – if I am not close to God, I can get angry over the way some sips a cup of coffee.
    Bethany, I appreciate your heart and talent. God, with his amazing timing and Spirit, has used your music to help renew my heart. I have sobbed and prayed with your music many times.
    “Reason is the natural order of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning.” CS Lewis
    Your music has been an organ of meaning; it has served to refresh the saints and help us see God more clearly & intimately.

    Your faithful brother,
    Todd Smaretsky

  45. Kassie Says:

    So I am reminded of a few amazing songs by some artists after reading this. JJ Heller’s “Only Love Remains” is amazing and Ginny Owens’ “Without Condition” and “I am Nothing”. Great songs about loving first and foremost our Lord, but also secondly others. I love how John Piper explains that if we should fill our hearts with God’s love so much, so that His love over-spills into the lives of others. It is not our love, but rather, His love that we love others with. It is God’s love that is patient, kind, not boastful, does not seek its own, etc. It also reminded me of a time almost four years ago where the Lord really worked on my heart in my love toward unbelievers. I used to always show more patience toward people who were not haughty and accepted opposition when it came to sharing the gospel. I would always find myself saying “I don’t want to talk to them, I don’t have patience for them”. One day I was doing my devotional and It was in James 2:9 I believer where it reads “do not be partial, for there is no partiality with the Lord” (paraphase) And when I meditated on the verse, I realized I was showing partiality to people who were more accepting of the gospel. The Lord also reminded me in that moment that I only know and believe what I do because He has been gracious to me and He has revealed to me his truth. It was not of my own unveiling, but His removal of the shield from my eyes that allows me to walk in Him. This revamped everything, including how I even prayed for the lost. That the Lord would be gracious and merciful to them in the same way He has with me. That their haughtiness or inability to receive the gospel is not something their sinful soul can turn from, apart from God’s grace. As far as patience, I have found that praying for patience is a dangerous prayer, because you will face many patience trying situations to teach you to rely on the Lord and practice patience. It is one of those things I don’t really like praying for. Maybe that sounds really bad. I just know that patience trying trials arise quickly after praying for it. But it is worthwhile praying for; to be more like Jesus.

    Enjoy Him,


  46. april walker Says:

    thanks for starting a blog! i really needed to hear this about love & patience today. i was lucky enough to get one of your sister’s lovely little pocket beagles a couple years ago and have gotten the pleasure of following her blog. so i was very excited to see her blogging again & to find you here πŸ™‚ both of you are brilliant writers! thanks for sharing the wisdom you’ve been blessed with through your music and now through your blog! the recipe sounds super yummy as well! have a great day!

  47. FreedomWalker Says:

    Hmmm…Where did my post go? 😦

  48. Amy Says:

    oh yeah. i’m so glad you’re blogging. you are such an inspiration to me.
    i definitely need me some patience! it’s a process, for sure.
    and yes, the hiding place is amazing. have you read her sequel, tramp for the Lord? it’s equally as good.
    have a super day Beth, so happy to have found your blog πŸ™‚

  49. Jillian Ferrell Says:

    So I have never been a blog person but I have ALWAYS loved your music ever since the day I heard about it. I listen to it every night before I go to bed! You are truly talented and I can really see God’s annointing over your life just by reading this one blog!! You remind of my old dance teacher Mrs. Robyn. Completely humble! It’s def. something I need to work on for sure. Reading your blogs really encourage me because I am reminded that I am not the only one dealing with daily issues. Sometimes I feel like I am alone even though I know it’s silly of me to think that. Last week I was reading the love chapter and it hit me that I am not everything that I should be, I am so selfish! Thanks again for taking the time to blog πŸ™‚ May God bless you and your family in the days to come.


  50. Elle B. Says:

    Since you love Corrie Ten Boom’s story, you really, really, really should read her book “Tramp for the Lord.” It’s AMAZING!

  51. sarahbear91 Says:

    Hi Bethany,
    I just read this post, and I really connected to it. I’ve been having alot of trouble getting into the whole routine of quiet times, and routinly spending alone time with God. My faith has really been tested alot over the past 8 or so months, and there have been so many times when I have just wanted to give up, and walk away. But I’ve grown up in church, and I know that there’s something there, with God, but I don’t know how to get it.

    I absolutely love your music, I can’t help but be encouraged by it even when I am at my lowest points. Thank you for the encouragement, and I look forward to continuing to follow your blogs.


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