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The Cushion May 5, 2010

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I just got back from a prenatal massage. I LOVE me some massages — especially now that gravity, an expanding rib cage, and a growing baby in my belly are daily causing my body to be… let’s just say uncomfortable. So, I decided to try out a new day spa in our outdoor mall just down the road. It’s an understatement to say I was excited when I saw the special cushion with the cut out for my belly so I could lay face down. Understatement. But, my friends, like most things in life, sometimes your expectations are a little too high. (Kind of like the 3D ultrasound I scheduled for this past Monday while the girls in my family were here so they could all see Lucy. I really wanted to have my mom and sisters be a part of the pregnancy since they all live in Ohio and are getting just glimpses here and there. Not sure why I thought little Lucy would be smiling and posing for the camera. Of course, she was facing my back, folded up like a pretzel, and very happy that way, thank you very much. I couldn’t turn or walk or drink enough sugary lemonade for her to move. This is the part where I’m slightly proud of her for holding her own and being stubborn, especially at only 31 weeks of life… but still, I was bummed. 3D ultrasound got re-scheduled for next week, and hopefully she’ll be turned around by then. And now I’m finished with my rabbit trail in this story!) So, the prenatal massage. The belly cut-out cushion. The hour of deep-breathing and relaxation, letting stress just slide off of my ever-growing and curvy-ing self. 

Except the room felt like it was 110 degrees.

And the cushion was hot.

And the face cushion was hot.

And I have allergies, so that wasn’t pretty either, with my face down. You can imagine.

So, about half an hour into it, I asked the girl if I could turn around, since Lucy had started protesting, too. (Told you she has a mind of her own.) Well, my only option from there was turning to my side, which I didn’t do gracefully AT ALL, and then I had to wedge baby bump and myself inside of the cushion that had the belly cut-out. Now that cushion had changed from being a dream to a sweaty prego nightmare. I tried to get comfortable, all the while kicking myself for being too passive and embarrassed to ask if we could take the pregnancy cushion OFF the bed… 

All that to say, I quickly waddled to my car and cranked the A/C when it was done. Now I am sitting in our study with the air conditioning on full blast, drinking a glass of ice water. Being pregnant in May in Dallas… Lordy. I’m glad I only have two more months of this!


17 Responses to “The Cushion”

  1. Gina Says:

    this entry cracked me up…i…detest being hot. i would have thrown a hissy. i’m proud of you for not. it’s better to be passive then to make someone say “must be the pregnancy hormones” after the hissy . haha

  2. Luisa Says:

    Oh man, I remember those HOT prego days! I was pretty much pregnant throughout the whole summer and with the south florida weather, ALL I wanted to do was just sit in my room with the AC at like 68, fan on, lose tshirt and some shorts! Last few weeks of pregnancy is…. let’s just say…. special! =) ENJOY THEM!

  3. lynn Says:

    You are awesome…like this blog. I am glad you are feeling better 🙂 Lucy is on her way! God bless.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Ugh, that doesnt sound fun! Dont give up on prenatal massages though! Not all massage therapist use that cute little cushion. The massage therapist I work with just has you lay on your side instead of face down, which still allows her to relieve your aches & pains. So keep lookin’ : )
    And congrats, btw!

  5. Jessica Says:


    great blog!! hahaha. I am glad you had a kinda nice time at your mesage. and also that stinks that Lucy wasnt turned around for the the ultrasound 😦 Hopefully next time she will be turned around!!

    Blessings and cant wait to meet baby Lucy!


  6. Sarai Says:

    Is there any way to send a sweet little homemade gift for Miss Lucy? I’d love to bless her with one of my creations (you can check them out at and find my contact information there)!!

    • I love your website! I think my brother Aaron has told me about your stuff or something? It sounded familiar… 🙂 Anyway, OF COURSE you can send something for Lucy! As you can imagine, I am into anything small and girly and for babies anymore. Should I just contact you on your site?

  7. Kim Kauffman Says:

    I always wondered if those cut outs were comfortable. Seems like your stomach would feel heavy? I might have to try it out to see. We just had our 22 week ultrasound today (our first and it’s a girl!!!) and the sweet tech switched it to 3-d without me even asking. I was so excited to see that sweet face better! Hope you get some good pictures next week 🙂

  8. Julianne Says:

    Beth – Just wanted to thank you for sharing so much of your life/thoughts with us! God has really spoken to me through quite a few of your blogs and you always make me smile! I am a huge fan of your work (I’m sure you hear that a lot, but had to say it!) and your blogs add even more depth to your songs as we can see that you’re love for God extends into every aspect of your life. Lastly, congrats on the pregnancy – I’m so excited for you and Shane! Parenthood is hard but so worth it! Lucy is a very lucky girl 🙂

  9. I had a similar experience when I was pregnant last fall! I remember counting down the days before the message. My husband and I got a couples massage that day-he came out feeling like butter and I like MELTED butter!

    Oh, the joys of pregnancy! We went back for Valentines day ( I wasn’t pregnant then, had our son in November) for a redo and man it was great! the time after the baby is born has it’s own discomforts as well!

  10. Jeri Taira Says:

    I can’t take too much heat either…and I’m born and raised in Hawaii..ha ha. Go figure.

    Your story cracked me up, although I’m sure it was no fun at the time.

  11. […] at least twice a day. We worked a little on Lucy’s room, which is going to be so adorable. We tried to see Lucy in a 3-D ultrasound, but she was covering her face and then after a hiatus to eat spicy food and ingest sugar (which […]

  12. Lucy is lucky to have a mom who’s a writer to catalog her first pre-year of life! Someday she can read all you’ve written. 🙂

    I am a massage therapist and I am certified in prenatal massage. It’s great that you treated yourself and tried to get a relaxing massage. It sounds like the place you went was not the best fit for you though. Pregnant women, esp in the 3rd trimester, tend to run hot. So your massage therapist should have checked in with you on temperature and tried to cool the room if you were warm. Next time you get a prenatal massage, remember, it’s your dime (or dollar) and tell the therapist if you are too hot. If he/she does not respond to your request for a cooler room, end the massage and talk to the manager. There is no reason you should have been made to be so uncomfortable!

    Lastly, those cut out tables and pregnancy bolsters are controversial. Some say having a pregnant woman hang her belly through the holes may put unneeded stress on her abdominal ligaments. It’s less potentially damaging and more comfortable to have you lay side lying on a regular massage table with your arms and legs holding a long pregnancy pillow.

    Please do try another prenatal massage–but not at the mall! Go to the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professional’s therapist referral service and find someone certified in prenatal massage near you. Then hopefully your next post about massage will be a happier one! ABMP referral service here:

    Til then thanks for the laugh–and reminder of how pregnant clients feel about their massage experience!

    Sue Shekut

  13. Rachel Says:

    Almost there! You can make it! 😀

  14. Carolyn Says:

    I just realized I we are due the same week! Everyone keeps telling me it’s going to be a 4th of July baby…we’ll see 😉

  15. Jessica Vaughan Says:

    This is going to sound really weird, but I found your blog when I was trying to find Christian mommy groups in the area. I sent you a message on facebook (it seems like everyone has a page! lol) explaining a little more in detail since your blog doesn’t have an option for messages. Hopefully you get a chance to read it.

    This post made me giggle by the way, because I had a similar experience when I got a prenatal massage…it was one of the most interesting experiences I have ever had, to say the least. haha Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. Babies are just such an amazing miracle…so crazy to look at your baby and realize you carried her inside of you!! God’s design for creation amazes me.

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