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More Prego Pics… May 15, 2010

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Lauren Clark is the BOMB.

Soooo excited to get our prints in the mail! I’ll share all of them as soon as we get them : )


24 Responses to “More Prego Pics…”

  1. Toni J Says:

    Yay!! They are wonderful! But you are so cute, too 🙂 I’m a photographer as well, and have been looking through her stuff since your blog with the first photo. She is AWESOME! It helps that Texas weather/sun=always better than northern Indiana weather/sun.

  2. Jade Says:

    i love your belly! 🙂 Isn’t it such an incredible experience??? mommyhood agrees with your gorgeous self.

  3. Gina Smith Says:

    you are glowing!

  4. Kristie Says:

    Beth, you look absolutely stunning in those photos. You are glowing! And I love Shane’s “True Love” shirt, it couldn’t be more perfect. Lucy is going to be one amazingly blessed little girl.

  5. Amy Says:

    These are stunning. You look beautiful!

  6. Evelyn Says:

    What cute pics! Love ’em! 🙂

  7. You two are BOTH glowing! Blessings on this new adventure for you two. You are going to be incredible parents. How do I know this without even knowing you? You live your life according to God’s word…and His calling on your life. So with the big guy upstairs holding your hand a long the way, He will continue to guide you in each and every challenge. I pray that everything goes smoothly for you in these next few weeks.

  8. Toni Says:

    Beautiful!!!!!! I am due next week and I can’t wait! I pray your delivery goes well!

  9. Laura Says:

    Beautiful pictures! You are positively glowing!!

  10. You look AWESOME!!!! I’m so happy for you guys! She did a beautiful job with those pictures! 🙂

  11. Livi Says:

    Wow so beautiful! you two are literally glowing. Love it! 🙂

  12. Cassidy Says:

    GORGEOUS pictures! What a beautiful thing parenthood is, especially when two godly people like you and Shane come together. I pray the best for the rest of your pregnancy and labor!

  13. Sheree Says:

    wow wow!
    Love these photos Mrs. Beth! I know you have hundreds of twitter followers and such, but thank you heaps for sharing these things with us -people you don’t even know! Its great to share in the joy of something like this as believers.

    God bless!

  14. Kristi Says:

    How gorgeous are these? And you? Seriously, Lucy is going to be brought into the the world by such awesome parents who have hearts completely devoted to the LORD.

  15. Shannon Slattery Says:

    Hi Bethany! I am a huge fan of your music and of Shane’s music. The testimony of your life and how God has led you to a great man and now is blessing you with a baby is incredibly awesome. Thank you for your realness and genuine heart for Christ. Your music has really spoken so much comfort into my life. God bless you guys, those pictures are amazing! Maybe someday Jesus will bless me in the same way.

  16. Amanda Jones Says:

    WOW Beth! You , Shane, and Lucy are soo beautiful in these pictures! You are serioulsy glowing. Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  17. ministrywifefamilylife Says:

    Beth, it’s SO fun to see you preparing to be a mom! What awesome prego pics! You look beautiful. God is so good. And I love the name 🙂

  18. mrhpmissjp1 Says:

    You look absolutely beautiful! Lucy is going to be as gorgeous as her mommy and as talented as her daddy and mommy! Congratulations =) God bless.

  19. Mel Says:

    you are so beautiful! Lucy is gonna smile so big at these photos one day


  20. Kétrin Monteiro Says:

    Você está linda!
    Deus abençoe sua família!

  21. Laura Clark Says:

    TOO Cute!!! Lol, when I saw the name, I thought it was my name at first, then I noticed it said Lauren, but cute. I can’t wait!

  22. Jessica Says:

    congrats, bethany and shane!!! you will be a beautiful mother!

  23. Esther Says:

    You look so stunning in these photos! I LOVE your hair! How do you do it?


  24. alonglove Says:

    these pictures are so cute! and congrats on the baby! she’s beautiful!

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