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Lone Star Lucy July 31, 2010

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That’s what my mom has been calling her. Clever, isn’t she?

This is a pic of her from today… she’s finally able to fit into this adorable farm animals onesie that Grandma Barnard got her : ) Love it!


Lucy James July 29, 2010

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Hello my friends! I somewhat feel the need to re-introduce myself now I’m a mommy… life looks a lot different from the last time I blogged! : ) As those of you veteran moms know, the first weeks for the first baby are QUITE an adjustment- hormones, sleep deprivation, an overall feeling of cluelessness… not to mention getting to know and falling in love with the little sweetie that had been in my belly for nine months! It’s a crazy time, but tomorrow marks the first month of Lucy’s life, and my new life as her mom, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that getting through the first four weeks feels like one of the biggest accomplishments of my life so far. : )

Anyway… in the midst of getting some house work done while she’s been asleep this afternoon, I wanted to post some pictures of our little beauty! I will hopefully find some time to share more about her birth and life since, but for now, you can just behold some of God’s best creativity yet : )

Lucy James Barnard: 6.30.2010 - 3:24pm - 7 lbs 8 oz

Day 2 at the hospital

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Confession: I love me some sweet Lucy skin!