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“You Are On Our Side” February 23, 2010

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Happy Tuesday, y’all!

As promised, here are the chords to the 2nd most requested song via Twitter, “On Our Side” — I’m posting the 2nd most requested because although the most requested was “For My Love”, I can’t really explain it on here. Is that sad? Yes, yes it is. But it’s true. I’m speaking the truth in love to you, friend. Anyway. It’s in an alternate tuning that’s super simple and fun to play around with, but as far as the chords go, it would be impossible to make super clear in black and white. So … I’m gonna post a video teaching it. Cool? I think I might be able to get around to it this week, but just in case mounting housework/small group/life/getting ready for some shows in Florida this weekend monopolize my time, I will be sure to post it Sunday PM- Monday AM.

All that said, here is “On Our Side”! Thank you:

@JTriche, @ren205, @Teradawn, @true_narnianxx, @beth089, @abbycoyle, @deidre_price, @AnnaBreeT, @kris413, @HaleyJean29, @rickygarzon, @JordanHolcomb, and @matthiasroberts for requesting it!

Intro: C – Am – C – Am   (Capo 6th fret on the record, I’m pretty sure. Or 5.)

C     Am            C             Am

The orphan clings to your hand

F                                                          C          Am

Singing the song of how he was found

C     Am      C   Am     F                                                 C     Am     C   Am

The widow rejoices for her oppressors are silenced now


F                                                 Am

You sit at the table with the wounded and the poor

F                                                           Am                   G

You laugh and share stories with the thief and the whore

F                                                  Am

And when You could just be silent and leave us here to die

G                                  Am

Still, You sent Your Son for us

F            G          C

You are on our side

(intro progression)

C        Am          C            Am

The runaway falls at Your feet

F                      Fm                             C    Am

You are what he has searched for

C       Am      C      Am                F                               Fm                        C   Am

The rich man is broken when he stands beneath a sky full of stars


For the vocal/bridgy thing:

F – Am – C – G

…any questions?

Have a lovely rest of your day! -Beth