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I’m still here… June 9, 2010

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Not sure WHY it’s taken me a couple weeks to get back in blogger world… sorry, friends. I’m sure your days have been completely taken up with wondering what’s going on with me and my lack of blogging skills. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

Honestly, I have finally hit “the wall” in pregnancy. Not really in a bad way, just sort of in that place where I feel like I’m in limbo… waiting for this little Lucy to show up and take over my time. Until then, I spend most of my days folding her tiny clothes, sorting through diapers and other baby things, taking on little projects around the house, and eating. And then when I’ve done all that for a few hours, I sit with a big glass of ice water, watch Fox News, prop up my swelling feet, and wait for another burst of energy to do it all over again!

Besides my nesting urges going crazy this month, I’ve also been reading a lot of:

Thanks to my sister Kate for loading me up with these books by the Sears! I kind of feel like I've been cramming for a test whilst reading them-- this book in particular-- but it's been good 🙂


Our small group is going through this book this summer... it's messing me up somethin' good!

Shane and I had a few days last week where we really didn’t do much of anything, which was SUPER nice. We’d been having lots of family and other company, plus lots of nights taken up with music/church/friends … so we decided to camp out for a few days and watch:

First time seeing it for me ... wow... what an incredible show! Hard to watch, but so worth it.

And now that I’m into posting pictures for this blog updating you on what I’ve been doing, here are some great albums I’ve been listening to, one for the first time, and the others old favorites I’ve returned to:

A friend of ours recommended this record to us a couple weeks ago... such BEAUTIFUL music put to Scripture, and then there are some hymns in there done wonderfully. When Shane and I listened to this record for the first time all the way through, we decided this was what we're going to play during labor/delivery, and THEN have playing in Lucy's room when she sleeps!

Hmm… what else?

I’ve pretty much held myself hostage in the house, with the air conditioning cranked, looking outside at the humid, hot, Dallas weather. Thank you, Lord, that I am not pregnant through the entire summer! I don’t know if I’m cut out for that kind of torture.

Ooh… yes. One last picture. You know what I’ve been eating approximately two of per week for the past couple months?

… my mouth just watered POSTING that picture.

I think I may have to go get some out of the fridge.

Alright! Sorry I am not a better blogger as of late… my mind is racing in a billion different directions! I promise I will be more consistent VERY soon, maybe some weeks post-Lucy’s arrival! But, there will definitely be some pictures up here for you to “oo” and “aww” at in the meantime! 🙂

Later, friends.



More Prego Pics… May 15, 2010

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Lauren Clark is the BOMB.

Soooo excited to get our prints in the mail! I’ll share all of them as soon as we get them : )


8 Weeks To Go… May 11, 2010

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We are in Lubbock this weekend visiting Shane’s family for Mother’s Day and getting to see our one week old niece Anna! She is PRECIOUS… can’t believe she and Lucy are going to be only two months apart. She’s here, Lucy’s still cookin. Crazy. Anyway, Shane’s brother’s wife’s sister-in-law (yep) is an incredible photographer based here in Lubbock — Lauren Clark ( — and she took some maternity photos for us last night after dinner. Thank you so much, Lauren! She posted a few on her Facebook today, so I thought I’d go ahead and share one with y’all 🙂

Me, Shane, & Lucy ... don't we look happy? But really, we were being attacked by a swarming plague of mosquitoes. We're pros, people.


The Cushion May 5, 2010

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I just got back from a prenatal massage. I LOVE me some massages — especially now that gravity, an expanding rib cage, and a growing baby in my belly are daily causing my body to be… let’s just say uncomfortable. So, I decided to try out a new day spa in our outdoor mall just down the road. It’s an understatement to say I was excited when I saw the special cushion with the cut out for my belly so I could lay face down. Understatement. But, my friends, like most things in life, sometimes your expectations are a little too high. (Kind of like the 3D ultrasound I scheduled for this past Monday while the girls in my family were here so they could all see Lucy. I really wanted to have my mom and sisters be a part of the pregnancy since they all live in Ohio and are getting just glimpses here and there. Not sure why I thought little Lucy would be smiling and posing for the camera. Of course, she was facing my back, folded up like a pretzel, and very happy that way, thank you very much. I couldn’t turn or walk or drink enough sugary lemonade for her to move. This is the part where I’m slightly proud of her for holding her own and being stubborn, especially at only 31 weeks of life… but still, I was bummed. 3D ultrasound got re-scheduled for next week, and hopefully she’ll be turned around by then. And now I’m finished with my rabbit trail in this story!) So, the prenatal massage. The belly cut-out cushion. The hour of deep-breathing and relaxation, letting stress just slide off of my ever-growing and curvy-ing self. 

Except the room felt like it was 110 degrees.

And the cushion was hot.

And the face cushion was hot.

And I have allergies, so that wasn’t pretty either, with my face down. You can imagine.

So, about half an hour into it, I asked the girl if I could turn around, since Lucy had started protesting, too. (Told you she has a mind of her own.) Well, my only option from there was turning to my side, which I didn’t do gracefully AT ALL, and then I had to wedge baby bump and myself inside of the cushion that had the belly cut-out. Now that cushion had changed from being a dream to a sweaty prego nightmare. I tried to get comfortable, all the while kicking myself for being too passive and embarrassed to ask if we could take the pregnancy cushion OFF the bed… 

All that to say, I quickly waddled to my car and cranked the A/C when it was done. Now I am sitting in our study with the air conditioning on full blast, drinking a glass of ice water. Being pregnant in May in Dallas… Lordy. I’m glad I only have two more months of this!